Golf Buddy Tour Gps Manual

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Golf Buddy Tour Gps Manual

ID and Password are case sensitive. ID and Password are case sensitive. This site is a global site, and you can sign up and log in the GB manager. Please click the button below. GOLFBUDDY is a registered trademark of GolfzonDeca Inc. This is why I recommend AMAZON. Click Below to visit This includes course storage capacity of 20,000, dynamic green technology, digital scorecard and finally technology for target customization. GolfBuddy essentially comes as a range finder with superb features that make it among the most powerful GPS gadgets on offer today within the market. The enormous and user-friendly screen of this GPS tool provides precise measurements of distance to bunkers, greens, hazards, lakes and lay-up points. The information you target comes preloaded with the device featuring custom plotting technology that allows for including a maximum of 11 selected targets to each course, along with what GPS GolfBuddy offers. Manual operation and aiming in order to establish distance to green becomes unnecessary when using this gadget. It features preloaded courses covering both the US and Canada and has the ability to store a maximum of 20,000 courses out of over 30,000 worldwide ones. Expect the GPS Range Finder to deliver the details which you require at no extra cost after purchasing the unit. Each unit brings you true GPS functionality, having automatic recognition for both hole and course and features dynamic green view that changes shape of green as per the approach angle you employ. Target information comes preloaded as well and customizable target technology facilitates addition of 11 targets maximum per hole. Look forward to enjoying use of this range finder that utilizes revolutionary powerful technologies, straightforward application and a user-friendly LCD screen of high resolution. Apart from keeping scores with distinction, the device as well stores up details of the course in which you played and the date when this took place.

This particular feature proves to be quite handy in backing up handicap data. It also helps in back-tracking on scores of previous rounds, played on given dates at specified courses. This device’s Mark Feature helps you measure the distance of your shot by simply touching one button. You just require taking your shot from the current position, pushing Mark button found on your GolfBuddy’s side then travel towards where the ball lands. This action will then offer accurate assessment of the far you have hit the shot. These primarily give a course its character and present varying difficulty levels to different players. It thus helps to know where exactly the hazards are situated and how you can keep them from obstructing your play. Such action would help in eliminating strokes from play. This GPS rangefinder from GolfBuddy displays values of distance for each hazard experienced “in play”, along with variable aspects of terrain that affect course management along with shot selection. Layups and Carries help in knowing the location of any particular hazard and avoid it with sufficient effectiveness. Lay-up refers to the approach distance, whereas carry distance is the distance covered when passing the item. The device offers you all these values whenever in need of them. It is designed to furnish you with multiple information screens to keep you aware constantly of each distance. Without it, you would have a hard time sorting through thousands of pre-loaded courses before finding your golfing course in particular. Powering on the device automatically locates your course and hole, therefore swiftly bringing up information on yardage. Many users who left product reviews online were very impressed by this. This facilitates you to maintain mental focus on the game without facing the challenge of setting manually your unit while advancing towards the hole following up next.

Measurements of distance get updated automatically, making manual refreshing of the screen effortless while moving along a particular course. It facilitates the addition of lay-up points of your choice together with specified carry distances and comes as an addition to the targets which your unit already has programmed within. This function is served by the feature of Remaining Distance Display to Green.Golf Buddy Tour GPS Range Finder measures 4.25 by 2.25 by 1 inches and weighs 4.23 ounces with the battery included. Many users who bought this device were happy with the purchase so you’ll probably be happy too if you take the leap. Sitemap XML. GolfBuddy clearly put a premium on making the use of the device extremely simple. We also love that there are no additional fees associated with accessing golf courses on the device. Extremely strong course coverage is an added bonus. No software installation is required, and with courses pre-installed on the device, you don’t have to worry about loading courses from your computer. Details: “Wait a minute”, you might say, “why are there details on setup if all I have to do is turn the device on? “ Well, you may want to sync your GolfBuddy with a PC to upload a course that you have custom-mapped on your own, to download a course mapped by another user, or to update a course already on your device. If you opt to go down this road, you will need to register for a free web account, install desktop manager software on your PC, and sync your GolfBuddy Tour to the PC through a USB cable. What’s in the Box: The GolfBuddy Tour comes with the following: The designers put a premium on automating many processes and making the use of the controls intuitive. Navigating among different screen views is a breeze. The Bad: The joystick protrudes a bit, and frequently gets accidentally toggled while inside a pocket, advancing the device to random menus.

Also, it takes a bit to realize that one can actually scroll down on the menu page to access additional menu choices that aren’t initially visible. Details: Numbers and text were clear. Though the GolfBuddy Tour has a color screen, the device doesn’t take full advantage of it. If you would prefer not to keep it in your pocket, there is a belt clip provided (which may get in the way if you carry your bag). It would be nice if marked points were removed after they have been passed by the user, since players rarely hit the ball back toward the tee box. A chart comparing ease of use across different devices is available here. We note that adding these marked points is only useful for the next round you play on a course, something that matters if you travel to play a variety of courses and only get to play one round on each course. And don’t forget to save the targets after the round before powering off the GolfBuddy Tour, because if you forget, all of your work is gone. Details: The graphic of the green will rotate as the user’s position relative to the green changes, and quickly calculates the distance to the new front, middle and back of the green from that position. We did note that the response of the cursor when moving on the green view is a bit herky jerky. For example, with clusters of bunkers, the device was consistent in aggregating together the bunkers and relaying the distance to the first of the bunkers and the distance to carry the last of the bunkers. The Bad: The GolfBuddy Tour is about average in the set of features that it provides. (What can we say? Average can be both good and bad.) Details: The score for each hole can be entered during the round, and the GolfBuddy Tour will keep track the total relative to par. We found that entering scores and keeping track of overall progress was relatively simple, with an easy learning curve.

Sadly, for those who are statistics junkies, there is no option for additional information to be input, such as fairways hit, greens in regulation, sand saves, and the like. Nonetheless, the distance shown by the device was generally close to those shown by its competitors. Mapping Accuracy: Our on-course experience with the GolfBuddy Tour did raise concerns with respect to mapping accuracy. We had significant issues on one course with repeated inaccurate readings to marked “layup” points which quickly made us lose faith in the mapping for that course. Strangely, the readings to the front, middle and back of the greens as well as hazards were accurate, so it was limited to the “layup” points, but just a few wacky readings (and seeing your shot sail over the desired landing point and into a creek) is enough to make you think about just turning the device off. No additional annual fees or course download fees. We like it! Three-Year Total Cost of Ownership: With no additional annual fees or course download fees, the GolfBuddy Tour winds up being less expensive than a number of its competitors when it comes to the three-year total cost of ownership (which we feel is a much better indication of the actual cost to the user). Value: A reasonable cost for the device coupled with solid ease of use make the GolfBuddy Tour a device to consider. The is very fustrating to say the least. How does Golf Buddy stand behind its produce. Do they offer any form of assistance to the consumer? GolfBuddy does have a technical support line (888-296-1428), and also a contact form on their website ( ). We haven’t had any luck with contacting them (or their parent, Deca International) regarding review inquiries, but please let us know if you have any luck with their technical support. The is very fustrating to say the least. How does Golf Buddy stand behind its product.

We haven’t had any luck with contacting them (or their parent, Deca International) regarding review inquiries, but please let us know if you have any luck with their technical support. My course in New Jersey was not in the system. In fact, upon scrolling through the N.J. courses, only the courses beginning with A, B, or C were listed. I went home and tried to download my home course (which was in the course library), but could not navigate the instructions. I might return it if I can’t get product support. It worked very well, identified my course immediately and the yardage was within 2 yards of the posted yardage on the course.I don’t seem to understand the directions that came with the unit.First, there was a “CCS error” message on the main screen. I took it to the GB repair center. It now gets past the first screen, only to have no satellite signal. The software fix the repair center sent me for the Firmware Upgrade did not succeed. I am sending it back to the retailer for replacement. These limits are designed to provideThis equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if notIf this equipment does cause harmful interference toNOTE: The manufacturer is not responsible for any radio or TV interference caused bySuch modifications could void the user’sGolfBuddy is the world’s simplest, most powerful rangefinder created especially for golfers. Regardless yourOnce you start using GolfBuddy, you won’t want to play golfWhile playing, golfers need advices for more pleasurable game. GolfBuddy provides with the most neededAmong them are. To compute the distance to targets. To select appropriate club. To read lie of the green. To advise for the best shot. GolfBuddy will be sure to satisfy all the players regardless how skillful they are or which golf course they arePortable and Powerful. Just let GolfBuddy see the sky, and it will do all the yard work for you! WithGolfBuddy can provide youSimple to Play.

Just power on GolfBuddy 3 minutes before you start the game. GolfBuddyJust relax and focus on your play. Easy to handle. When you want to change or confirm the information, easy handling of jog key canWorldwide availability. When you plan to schedule the game, check whether the device containsIf not, go to the website of GolfBuddy at andMain Unit. Dimension(mm): 53(w) X 82(l) X 26(d). Weight: 85g. Display: LCD(128X64). PC interface: Serial. GPS Channel: 8. Course: 30EA(bases on 18 holes). Battery: AAA size X 2. Antenna. Although this device has been designed to give the best performance under the widest variety conditions,Do not attempt to remove the antenna. DamageReplacing the BatteryDo not mismatch them lest they should give hazardous influence onBelt Clip Button. The belt clip button on the back of the device is removable. Do not lose the screw. When reinstalling, do notEven GolfBuddy can be used under any circumstances it is not invincible water or dustproof. If you suspectOpen the device and let theDo not attempt to disassemble the device further. Cleaning of GOLFBUDDY casing and soft keys. Carefully use a clean and slightly damp cloth to clean the case, keyboard, and display. Do not use any soapSupplied Accessories. Additional supplied accessories can be purchased at the Personal Security Features. Your GolfBuddy contains a unique electronic serial number (“ESN”) similar to a cell phone. The ESN servesIt also simplifies and automates access to software updatesGolfBuddy has 3 buttons: Power, Mark, and Function buttons. Power Button(Cancel key). Right button under the display is the Power Button. To power on the device hold the button in until theUsual times for the PowerWhile the device is running, Power Button is also used as Cancel Key.Mark Button shows the distance of your shot. Stand at the location where you try each shot and press theConfirm “Yes” by press Mark Button once again to theFunction Button.

Left button under the display is Function Button with jog key. Details are explained later.When the device acquires GPS satellite signal and golf course successfully, Play Mode is shown on the display. The icons of the Basic Mode mean as follows. Satellite Signal Strength. First indicator on the top line of GolfBuddy’s LCD display shows you the quality of the signal you areNotice the number of bars in the meter. This key will help youHole number and Location of flag. Second indicator on the top line next shows the hole number and location of flag. For example, H15R meansPar. Next indicator shows that the hole is Par4. Battery indicator. This indicator shows the battery remaining. Green view. A shape at the right middle of the display shows the shape of Green. L(or R) means Left( or Right) green isDistance to Green. Three rows at the left middle of the display shows the distance to the Green. The characters of B, C, FThe numbers Next to the characters can be shownPlay ModeBasic ModeMenu ModeMeasure ModePress the Power Key around 1 second to turn the device on until GolfBuddy logo is shown on the display. TurnGolfBuddy must beTo turn GolfBuddy off, press and hold down the Center Soft Key (approximately 3 seconds) until GolfBuddySelect “Yes” to turn it off.When turned on, GolfBuddy will automatically go through its satellite signal acquisition sequence then advanceNormally you do not have to press any buttons and theEach bar that appears across the bottom of the screen represents the relative signal strength from anGolfBuddy must see signals from several satellites for a period of time to collect enoughYou can select the golf course manually when needed. By pushing jog key upward left at Basic Mode you canMoving jog key, select the name of the course you are playing. At Menu Mode, select Device Setup. Then you can move to Setup Mode. AtGreen Mode. Meter or Yard. When Kilometer is chosen, distance less than 1 Km displayedLanguage.

Moving Jog key, you can select English or Korean. Backlight. The lighting time varies from 0(Off) to 600 seconds and Always. Time can be changed at the increment of 10LCD Contrast. You can choose the brightness from 3 to 63. Default setup is 11. Recognize Course. You can decide automatic or manual selection acquiring course information. Default setup is Automatic. Recognize Hole. You can decide automatic or manual selection acquiring hole information. Default setup is 1. This functionGreen selection. When the hole has two greens, you can choose Right or Left green. GolfBuddy shows the information fromTee Box Area. You can specify the size of Tee Box from 10 to 50 meter at the increment of 1 meter. Green Area. You can specify the size of Green from 10 to 60 meter at the increment of 1 meter. Dynamic Green View. When this setup is On, GolfBuddy shows the nearest green automatically. Time Zone. GolfBuddy acquires the time information from GPS satellite. But according to the summer time change, youSummer Time. You can adjust according to summer time. Battery setup. You can choose the kind of Battery among Alcaline, Li-ion and Ni-MH. It affects the battery indicator. New. Alcaline battery lasts 5 hours in normal condition.Explained later at 4.2. WebSink. Edit course. Delete course. GPS initiate. NMEA out. General measuring. Ex measuring. Initiate measuringCurrent timeCourse Information. System Information. Firmware Information. Company profileGolfBuddy assumes that you will play in the right order from hole 1 or 10. If you change the order of the theBy pushing jog key to right at the Play mode. By pushing the jog key upward at the Play mode you can choose which green you target this time. When you push the jog key downward at the Play mode, GolfBuddy shows information of other targets such as. Bunkers and Hazards which have been put into data in advance. With GolfBuddy you can calculate the distances of your shot. At play mode, push Mark Button at right.

AnswerRepeating this process, you can see the automaticBy push the jog key in the middle, you can see the distance to center of the green in big character. To pushGolfBuddy show the distance in 3 measures, yard, meter and kilometer. You can adjust the measures at yourYou can add new targets which are not contained in your GolfBuddy. In order to edit. Push jog key to left and select Edit Target. Select new target and enter the name of your choice. At the staring point, press Mark Button. At the target point, press Mark Button again.In case your GolfBuddy has not contained the information on the course you want to play, you can make it byUsing jog key, you can name the course as your choice. Select the hole number and appropriate Par number, and confirm. When you get Tee Box, select TB(Tee Box) and press Mark button around 5 second until GolfBuddyWhen you get Green, select LG(Left Green) Front and press Mark button around 5 second until. GolfBuddy measures the front of left green location. Do the same at Green Center and Green Rear. Repeat the whole courses. When you finish all the holes press cancel key and confirm to save the data. If you find out that the course contained in your GolfBuddy is not useful anymore, you can delete it.(GolfBuddyUsing jog key, you can select the course you want to delete, and confirm. In case your GolfBuddy has not contained the information on the course you want to play, you can make it byNaming and course and specify the hole informaionTee Box MeasuringTarget MeasuringMark button again.Green MeasuringRepeat the whole courses. After measuring new course, upload to Decasys. Then Decasys make it into graphic information for you ownAt Measure Mode press mark button. Press cancal key and confirm to save.Measuring and Verification data records the data at flash repeatedly every second. Data recordedAfter upload the data to Decasys, initiate flash before measure new course.

More accurate result enables to lay the device vertically to see the GPS satelliteMicrosoft Explorer 6.0 or up. RAM of 16MB or up. Serial Port or USB to Serial AdaptorAttach data cable to the serial port of your PC and other side to the bottom of GolfBuddy. Press Power Button to activate the device. At Menu Mode, select “Advanced menu” and “Weblink”. Go to GolfBuddy homepage at First user should input the serial Number written at the back of the Device. Select the kinds of membership at your choice.Connect your GolfBuddy to PC and power on the device. Go Click “Connect with the Device” to reach:My GolfBuddy”. You can add or delete the golf course data to or from your GolfBuddy. Finishing download close the window.Connect your GolfBuddy to PC and power on the device. At Menu Mode, select “Advanced menu”and “Weblink”. Go to GolfBuddy homepage at www.gpsGolfBuddy. Com. Log in. Click “Firmware Download”. Finishing download disconnect the cable and restart GolfBuddy. Do not remove cable or power off the device in order to avoid unnecessary breakdown. The content of this guide is furnished for informational use only, is subject to change without notice, and should not be construed asPDF Version: 1.4. Linearized: No. Page Count: 10. XMP Toolkit: XMP toolkit 2.9.1-13, framework 1.6. About: uuid:5d6fc60b-1b11-47c5-adc5-ef30df891a08. Producer: Acrobat Distiller 6.0 (Windows). Document ID: uuid:d74dc51d-a69b-4595-a5e7-c534a8d4df58. Title: untitled. Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. We don’t share your credit card details with third-party sellers, and we don’t sell your information to others. Please try again.Please try again.Show details Register a free business account Please try your search again later.It allows you to have world's courses in the size of a match box with its 40,000 course storage capability. 33,000 courses from around the world already come pre-loaded and are 100% free.

The most awing features are the ease-of-use, the voice telling you the distance, and the vibrant user interface. Additional features: 100% fee free Listen to the voice 40,000 course capacity Over 33,000 pre-loaded courses from across the world Auto-hole recognition Shot distance measurement Rechargeable battery Multi-lingual Easy to use Multiple greensVideos for related products 2:38 Click to play video GOLFBUDDY aim V10 Talking Golf GPS Deca International, Inc.To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Please try again later. CB 5.0 out of 5 stars The laser rangefinders are definitely appealing, but the form factor and having to dig a large item out of your bag when you need to get the pin distance was a major drawback. I also looked at a bunch of the new GPS systems, but many of them almost had too many functions and features - enough that I knew I would be distracted during my golf round. Really, all I want is a good, reliable, accurate distance to the pin. This product is it. I bought this a week ago on Amazon and have tested it at several golf courses -- a few I was unfamiliar with and my home course where I am already dialed into the distances from playing the course several hundred times. This item is very accurate. After I bought it, I was obsessively checking the distance and comparing it with markings on the course. It always matched the plaques or sprinkler head covers of all three courses I ran this on. On one round, I was with someone using a laser and on another round I was with someone using a SkyCaddie. This item matched both each time. But the biggest plus to this product is the form factor. You can easily clip this onto the side of your hat or your belt and forget it is there.

Need the distance to the pin - simple: press the button and it tells you. Need the distance to the front or back of the green - press the button again for three seconds and it tells you. It is very easy to hear, yet is quiet enough that it will not disturb your playing partners - in fact when the volume is turned down halfway, I doubt a playing partner five feet from you could hear it at all. If you don't want the voice, you can just peek down at your belt and see the distance in big numbers on the display, which update in real-time as you walk. This item has two other features. One is where it will show you the actual shape of the green, and rotates that shape depending on your approach angle. I never really used this, because the graphical interface is simplistic, and I really only needed the distance to the pin. The second feature is very nice -- it will record the distance between any two points. So say you want to know how far you hit your six-iron. You press a small button on the side, then the main button. Then you hit the ball and walk to it. When you get there, you press the main button again and it will tell you how far you hit the ball. I suppose you could just as easily look down before and after you hit and then do a little math, but I still found this feature to be a big bonus. I am already pretty dialed into my club distances, but if you are not exactly sure how far you are hitting each club, this was a nice feature to have. The first round I played with it was a five-hour round, and I obsessively hit the button as I played to test it out. I still had half the battery life left, so I believe this could easily last two full rounds, especially since under normal conditions I wouldn't be activating it every single time I saw a yardage marker for comparison. This product is small, the clip is strong so you won't lose it, and it just plain works with an unobtrusive form factor that makes it a huge bonus.

The voice is a computer-sounding female voice not unlike Siri on an iPhone. It is really great. I love it. PS - when you get it, it comes with a micro-USB cord. You should go to the GolfBuddy website and make sure you have downloaded the latest firmware version. Mine needed an update, but installing it took only a few minutes and clicks on my Mac. UPDATE: NOVEMBER 2015 -- Well, I have played about 300 rounds with the Golf Buddy, and it finally died. But to update my old review, I can say that I played with this device all over the United States and the distances were always accurate.They will not return my emails and the phone number they gave me in their correspondence is answer only.It will not charge anymore. This company does not make it easy to replace a defective item. After being on the phone with them for about 15 minutes, answering all kinds of stupid questions about my problem, I was sent an e mail, thinking it would be an RA number and address to return it to for a replacement. Well I was wrong. I still have to answer all kinds of questions, send original invoice, (hard to do, purchased from Amazon) and maybe then they will send me return info. There was no mention of replacement. They will receive the item and let me know!!!! When an item is defective, after only 3 weeks, only being used about 5 times, they should just provide a new one. I read this same problem happened to another customer, but purchased it anyway. Amazon should stop dealing with this company. They are trying not to replace a defective item after only a short while. It has a 90 day warranty which they are not honoring. Bad company for Amazon to represent.This was pretty spot on to the green center for the entire round. Which is all I was looking for. For less than a 3rd of some of the laser hand held units.Just show up. power on and play. It seems one of the biggest complaints I have ever heard while golfing is a courses lack of yardage markers. It happens all the time.

I simply got to my ball.I highly recommend this. Very price friendly and works as advertised.We have 2 that have broken apart when the club head made contact with the ball during a drive. The first broke after 6 months, at the charging port, so use and repairs were impossible. After a long and ugly battle with the company, we paid a partial fee and received a replacement under the warranty. The second unit lasted 7 months. It broke across the back, but at this point will still charge. We will continue to use it in its crippled state unti it quits since GolfBuddy says they have no responsibility. If you buy the voice, don't use the wrist band, and don't count on the company for friendly support. The Voice does exactly as promised.It is easy to use. The voice messages provides the best information. The screen is of limited used. A bit difficult to place the buddy except for on the hat. If I would have spent some more money I should have gone for a watch instead.No problems with the battery yet. It lasts for more than one round of golf atleast.Charge lasts 2 games. I clip it on my cap, not perfect but OK. My old range finder sopped finding a number of courses, this one seems fine, Have also bought one for my wife and she is very happy with it as well recommending to friends who have purchased one, all satisfied.Weil es unpraktisch ist jedes Mal die Brille herauszukommen, hat sie die Uhr nicht benutzt.It is very accurate within a yard or two. Has picked up every course I have gone to and I have been in several states and provinces golfing. It gives me exactly what I need the distance from me to the hole and the green size and pin placement. I would recommend to allLike that it is simple to operate.In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Game management is made easier as you can customize your own target points and utilize the built-in score-tracking module.